The Ballroom Dance Club is open to everyone who has a passion for dancing! In order to participate in the club's activities, you can either join as a member of the club or pay as you go when you attend. You're welcome to pay the per-visit cost the first couple of visits and then buy a membership when you know you'll be coming more often!

These dues give you free entry to our Level 1 and Level 2 lessons. The lessons are intended for beginners and intermediate dancers and are often taught by current members of the University of Michigan Ballroom Dance Team. Dues do not cover our Level 3 lessons, which are $5 per lesson for both members and non-members. We make an effort to bring in more advanced instructors for these lessons and our hope is that they challenge you while teaching you a lot to improve your dancing! If there is an instructor you would like us to invite to teach, please let us know!

Who How Long How Much
Anyone Once $5
Students Semester $25
Annual $50
University Affiliates Semester $35
Annual $60
General Public Semester $40
Annual $70