Over the years we've received a lot of inquiries about things like venues, music, and more. Some of these questions get asked a lot, so we answer them below for your convenience! You can also leave us feedback in the comments below.

Why aren't there any club events this week?
We stick to three main venues due to their size and the quality of the floor for dancing. We book our venue calendar as early as possible—sometimes over a year in advance! Despite this, there are some dates when none of our usual rooms are available because others have booked weddings, family reunions, and more. If you know any other great venues we'd love to consider them!
When will we hear fresh music?
Public performance of recorded music is strictly protected by publishing rights organizations who want their artists to be paid for their work. We're constantly looking into ways to have fresh music that's obtained and used as fairly as possible. This can be an expensive endeavor if done correctly and is ruinously expensive if we're caught doing it incorrectly! If there's a specific song you'd like to hear, let us know and we'll try to make it happen.
When will you have lessons for [insert dance here]?
We're with you. As much as you want to learn a particular dance, we want to find a great instructor to teach it to you! Ann Arbor does have some great dancers, but as cities go we're still a small one! If you know any instructors dying to share their knowledge and expertise, please get them in touch with us.
Is there an age limit for membership to the club?
There is no age limit. We encourage you to start dancing as young as possible and carry it with you as long as you wish!
Do I need to be a student to become a member?
While we offer student discounts for our membership rates, everyone is welcome to join the club!
Are there any other great places to dance?
Absolutely! We all like to dance as much as possible, so we've found many other places to do it over the years. If, like us, once a week isn't enough for you, be sure to check out what's going on with other organizations in Ann Arbor!
Who created your logo?
Our beautiful logo was commissioned from Katie Eberts. Take a look at the rest of her work!